Advisory services

Manufacturing for profitable growth

HANZA is a manufacturing strategist and has a leading role as an advisor in the manufacturing industry. What we do is develop new strategies for product manufacturing. Partly through manufacturing clusters where you can have your product manufactured at a lower cost, higher flexibility, and less environmental impact than with traditional contract manufacturing. Through our advisory service, where we help you streamline your supply chains. HANZA’s goal is to accelerate our customers’ sales and profitability through an efficient manufacturing process.

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Design, build and ship faster

According to a McKinsey study, as much as 80 percent of product value today is added by external suppliers. But it’s not always easy to identify exactly where in the production chain there are possibilities for improvement. There’s also an increasing interest in using certified partners, verifying materials compliance and work methods.

MIG™ advisory services

To help boost your long-term growth and profitability, we developed our MIG™ business consulting services. The core is an in-depth four-to-eight-week business analysis of your production process designed to streamline your manufacturing chain.


Starting with your strategic objectives, we evaluate your stakeholder requirements, the economic and political situation, current regulations as well as evolving technology and market changes. Then we make a comprehensive outsourcing evaluation to analyze risks and opportunities related to potential transition plans. The resulting report is a vital tool for senior management on what steps to take next.

MIG™ includes

  • Cost/benefit analysis, including joint objectives
  • List of resources and assets to be taken over by provider, including book value
  • List of contracts/agreements to be taken over by provider
  • Cost break down for all products/product categories
  • Cost saving potential (direct and indirect) and required investment.
  • Risk register including countermeasures
  • Transfer plan and budget from client factory to provider factory
  • Draft layout/process flow in provider factory
  • Draft Provider Sourcing Strategy
  • Realistic multi-year price development target

Cost savings of up to 40%, significantly reduced inventory and faster time-to-market. Read what our customers have to say about HANZA as their manufacturing partner.