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Manufacturing technologies

Tailor-made manufacturing solutions for your needs

HANZA offers local manufacturing of various parts, final assembly, product development, logistics and unique advice on how to streamline your supply-chain. Contact us to learn how to optimize your production.

Manufacturing clusters

Modern manufacturing.
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Cluster Sweden

One of our largest factory parks with a high degree of automation and flexibility.

Cluster Finland

In our Finnish cluster our special competence is machining, mechanical components, mechanical systems and surface treatments

Cluster Baltics

Comprehensive and industry-leading expertise from heavy mechanics, sheet metal, machining and cabling to complex assembly.

Cluster Central Europe

Electronics and mechanics facilities in geographically strategic locations close to important customer markets in both the DACH countries and Scandinavia.

Cluster Germany

Product development and manufacturing of electronics and mechatronics – from idea to finished product.

Cluster China

Our base in Asia offers turnkey solutions in electronics, cabling and assembly.


130 000 sqm factory area


Committed employees


HANZA share information

HANZA is a global knowledge-based manufacturing company that modernizes and streamlines the manufacturing industry. Share information is provided by Cision and is updated daily.


Manufacturing close to your customer markets

Advisory services

Through our advisory services we can help reduce your costs to create profitable growth. A HANZA analysis will assist you with identifying bottlenecks, finding potential for improvement for increased efficiency and optimizing your purchases.

20210218 Wermech Töcksfors den 18 februari 2021
Foto: Fredrik Karlsson/SolstaFoto
Tech Solutions

We help you with design, planning, targets, product development and growth through contract manufacturing. Our own teams of designers, engineers and manufacturing experts take your best innovations from concept to finished products.

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Customer cases

Cost savings of up to 40%, significantly reduced inventory and faster time-to-market – read what our customers have to say about HANZA as their manufacturing partner.

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Sales Director
Veronica Svensson
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Cluster President
Juhani Niiranen
+358 443 580 971

Chief Advisory Officer
Willibald Berger
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Cluster President
Liivar Kongi
+372 5624 2633

Central Europe
Cluster President
Pawel Filarowski
+48 603 755 288

Cluster President
Rainer Olesk
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