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Tailor-made cable manufacturing

We produce cables for a variety of needs. HANZA continuously invests in the latest technology and our wide range of capabilities offers in addition to complete trunk cables, tailor-made cutting, shrinkage, marking and assembly. Our expertise lies in ground wire braids and single conductors where our automated processes benefit, for example complex trunk cables to the defense industry where the automatic quality assurance in the shrink process ensures 100 percent functionality, and top-class cable connections for communication where our casting and marking technologies stand out.

Wiring solutions for multiple purposes

Automated cut-strip-press wire treatment

Automated cut-strip wire processing with shrink process monitoring to ensure efficiency and quality.

Cutting and strip technology

We offer automated cutting and strip technology.

Press tool

Wide range of press tools for secure connection.

Low and high pressure casting of cables

By casting cables and wires, the service life and durability of the cable solutions are improved. We offer low and high pressure casting of cables for optimal protection.


We offer several labeling techniques. Inkjet, laser, hot and foil stamping for cables, connectors and shrink tubes as well as laser marking for labels.

Multi-channel testing

With us you will find multi-channel testing for cables and wiring.

Laser engraving, pad printing and hot stamping of plastic parts

We offer laser engraving, pad printing and semi-automatic hot stamping of plastic parts for efficient handling of complicated constructions

Ultrasonic welding

With us you will find ultrasonic welding for plastic parts.


We offer complete as well as partially assembled products where HANZA is responsible for testing, configuration and optimization of the entire product flow. The majority of the components are manufactured in our own factories and the remaining parts are sourced-in. Here, our customers benefit greatly from our global supplier network, constantly benchmarked by our sourcing department.


We have extensive experience in taking care of the entire value chain, including warehousing, delivery directly to distributors and end users as well as life cycle support. We offer consignment warehouses, kanban, VMI, 3PL and EDI solutions.


We help you with the development of prototypes and to facilitate a transition to series production. Prototypes are configured for immediate volume production. We also offer simulations before prototype production, guaranteeing that the details are viable.

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