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Manufacturing clusters

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Our factories are strategically located geographically close to each other, in so-called manufacturing clusters, to create synergies between the various technologies such as shorter lead times, fewer transports, reduced emissions and lower total costs.

With a total of 130,000 square meters of production area divided between 17 factories and 7 factory parks in Europe and Asia, we offer complete manufacturing in electronics, machining, sheet metal processing, heavy mechanics, wire harnesses and complex assembly.

In addition, the vulnerability in the production chain is reduced, as we have several factories within the same capacity to be able to meet fluctuations in customer needs and distribute volumes between the facilities.

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Sales Director
Veronica Svensson
+46 76 888 19 88

Cluster President
Juhani Niiranen
+358 443 580 971

Chief Advisory Officer
Willibald Berger
+49 2191 576 1334

Cluster President
Liivar Kongi
+372 562 426 33

Central Europe
Cluster President
Pawel Filarowski
+48 603 755 288

Cluster President
Rainer Olesk
+86 1370 14 19 301