Njord Clean Air

Njord - industrial air purification for a clean and efficient workplace

Our mission

Njord Clean Air develops and markets industrial air purifiers for commercial environments such as warehouses, industry, trade and offices. Njord has chosen HANZA as their manufacturing partner as the company has the competence and technologies required to manufacture the complete product, close to the customer’s end market.


“As Njord sees increased demand and significant growth, it is important to find the right partner for the entire value chain in manufacturing, assembly, sourcing, R&D and logistics. After an extensive and thorough process, we have chosen HANZA as a partner since they can offer us a superior total solution for our product”

“We see a steadily increasing demand for our products as clean air and a healthy work environment become more and more a priority. An interesting trend for us is the automation trend in warehousing and logistics management, where we can help keep sensitive parts clean. In a cleaner environment, the systems perform better, which leads to higher uptime and less planned, as well as urgent, maintenance.”

Peter Krantz, CEO of Njord.

Njord Clean Air

  • CEO Peter Krantz
  • Established 2017
  • Revenue 37 MSEK