Auk – the world’s smartest indoor planting system

Auk is a Norwegian company currently revolutionizing the world of indoor planting. They have developed the first fully-automatic plant growing system for home use, and following an extensive selection process, HANZA has been chosen as their partner for complete product manufacturing and distribution.


Auk is a planting system that lets you sustainably grow nutritious foods from the comfort of your home – without the work that is normally associated with gardening. The unique technical solution, the EverGrow™️ system is built on several crucial and equally important factors: The software, the tree-part nutrition system, the water reserve, and the full spectrum LED lights. The nutrition system feeds the plants with just the right mix of the different nutrients and is refillable – so that the plants never go hungry. The full spectrum LED lights adjust its intensity, amount and colors depending on what you grow and which stage of life the plants are in. This results in plants growing up to 5 times faster while also supporting the plants, enabling them to grow for up to 14 months.

The solution

HANZA is proud to provide a complete solution for Auk, from the sourcing of materials, manufacturing of the PCBA’s needed for the specific LED lights as well as for the nutrient and water supply system, to box-build, packaging and distribution to the end user. This makes Auk a prime example of how customers can benefit from HANZA’s All You Need Is One concept. 

Didrik Dimmen, Co-founder and CEO, says:

“We selected HANZA after an extensive selection process throughout Europe. We have a long-term perspective, and are going through an enormous growth, and needed a partner with the right location, the right mind-set, willingness to invest in the collaboration and not least – the right sustainability profile. After several conversations and visits to HANZA, the choice was clear. HANZA appeared as a very professional, experienced and driven company – a very good match with both Auk and the people here in Auk. We are really looking forward to getting started and making Auk’s for the whole world together!”