Erik Stenfors is interviewed in Affärsvärlden

Erik Stenfors is interviewed in Affärsvärlden No. 23

This week, the Swedish magazine Affärsvärlden published an extensive interview with HANZA’s CEO Erik Stenfors. The article has the angle that manufacturing companies have become growth companies.

The interview took place on site at HANZA Elektromekan in Årjäng, where Erik took a tour of the factory with Affärsvärlden.

In addition to Erik and his background, the article discusses how manufacturing companies have grown in turnover and on the stock market, how the bad times are perceived, HANZA’s strategy of regional factory clusters and the rural model.

“We have actively avoided the big cities. The premises are too expensive.” and “Every crisis has brought us new customers” says Erik in the interview. Erik emphasizes that a long-term approach is one of the reasons why HANZA has managed to avoid crises over the years.

The article is available here.