Year-end report 2022: Strong finish, sales in Q4 reached SEK 1 billion

Year-end report 2022: Strong finish, sales in Q4 reached SEK 1 billion

HANZA AB reports that sales in quarter 4 reached SEK 1 billion, which was the first time ever for a single quarter. Organic growth remained high and amounted to 29.3%. Operating profit was also the highest ever for a single quarter, at SEK 63.3 million (43.1), and earnings per share were SEK 1.06 (0.70) basic for the last quarter of 2022. HANZA further writes that the company has a record high order book and that it sees continued strong development in the future. The Board of Directors proposes to increase the dividend to SEK 0.75 per share (0.50).

CEO Erik Stenfors comments the report:

“The fourth quarter brought a strong end to a successful year. Our sales reached SEK 1 billion for the first time in a single quarter, bringing our annual sales to over SEK 3.5 billion, an increase of a full SEK 1 billion compared to 2021.”

“We see no slowdown in demand and enter 2023 with a record high order book. One reason is our customer base, which consists of stable companies in industries not directly affected by a consumer downturn, such as energy companies, security products, reverse vending machines, defence, mining, etc.”

“In November, we completed an ownership expansion through a new issue of SEK 147 million to selected institutional investors in Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The issue, together with our strong financial position, set the stage for a kick-start of our HANZA 2025 strategy. At the end of 2022, we decided on additional machine investments of approximately SEK 100 M and started an expansion of our thin sheet plant in Estonia.”