Enclosures for
sophisticated designs

For us, mechanics includes everything from enclosures for individual electronic components and mechatronic assemblies to complex devices and machines. We develop optimal solutions for our customers based on mechanical components and matching electronics. The development of housings, drive technologies, electronics and sensors go hand in hand. We help our customers solve mechatronic problems by developing concepts that are optimized in terms of both technology and production costs.

Managing Director Tech Solutions
+49 2501 920 8440

Experience with a variety
of manufacturing processes

Depending on the application, we select the optimal manufacturing process for the required mechanical components. We generate data for sheet metal, turned and milled parts, and plastic parts (thermoformed, injection-molded, or 3D-printed). We also design metal components for sand, gravity, and pressure die casting as well as aluminum extrusions.

For drive components, we use a wide range of mechanical drive components, such as gear, crank, or linear drives. We also select the perfect drive concept for each application. These can be stepper, BLDC or servo motors, but also asynchronous or universal machines are used for simple drive tasks.

The products we develop are proven in a wide range of applications, from laboratory environments to heavily polluted industrial environments. Our expertise in heat dissipation and sealing helps us to find the best possible solution for each individual challenge.

Development Projects

Over the years we have realized many interesting projects for our customers. Our electronics and embedded systems are used in many applications and products, most of the time invisible to the end customer. Read more about what can be achieved with HANZA as your software partner.