Cluster Finland

Supplier of precision mechanics and systems

In HANZA’s Finnish cluster, we specialize in tank manufacturing, advanced mechanical structures, machining, precision mechanics, and surface treatments. Our customers are leading industrial companies.

We ensure product quality

Quality is one of the most important elements for our customers. We therefore monitor their evolving requirements and invest in quality development according to the LEAN methods. Our sharpest analysts and professionals put great efforts and resources into this important area.

Cost-effective manufacturing

We are focused on selected product lines and technologies creating cost effective solutions for our customers. A close dialogue with customers gives cost effectiveness by improving manufacturability.

Industry-leading competence provides opportunities

The companies’ long history has created industry-leading competence in our chosen area. In combination with HANZA’s international operations, we can offer our customers various opportunities as a complete solution provider.


HANZA Mechanics Heinävesi

In Heinävesi’s factory, we manufacture cost-effective welded structures of high quality as well as sheet metal processing and surface treatments. Our services also include assembly, machining and 3D measurement. The size of our products varies from small to medium-sized, which can weigh up to 500 kg.


HANZA Mechanics Ilsalmi

At our Iisalmi factory we manufacture precision mechanics for machine, equipment and engine manufacturers. We specialize in valve components and assemblies. Our diverse range covers everything from simple turning pins to machinable products that require an accuracy of one thousandth of a millimeter.


HANZA Mechanics Joensuu

Our facility for highly developed sheet metal mechanics is situated in Joensuu. It offers technical design and manufacturing for various businesses, such as the machinery and equipment industries. Our process enables individual production as well as larger batches.


The right certifications
for production are crucial

All HANZA factories hold a variety of certifications adapted to the business and technology in which they operate. The certificates complement our ambitious protocols for reduced environmental impact, data security, work environment and product quality.

ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • ISO 45001

ISO 9001 • ISO 3834-2


Cluster Finland

Cluster President
Juhani Niiranen
+358 44 358 0971

HANZA Mechanics Heinävesi
Ahjotie 3
FI-79700 Heinävesi
+358 40 551 5255

HANZA Mechanics Iisalmi
Teollisuuskatu 7
FI-74120 Iisalmi
+358 20 741 2740

HANZA Mechanics Joensuu
Kuhasalontie 18
80220 Joensuu
+358 132 200 50

Quality Manager
Sinikka Seppänen
+358 40 500 4700

Minna Kokkonen
+358 40 577 8226