HANZA: Interim report January – June 2022

HANZA: Interim report January - June 2022

HANZA reports its highest quarterly sales and earnings to date. Furthermore, the company has continued its expansion towards the service side by acquiring the product development company Budelmann. With an order back-log at an all-time-high, the company sees a strong development ahead, with continued activities to increase capacity.

HANZA CEO Erik Stenfors says:

“HANZA sees a good development, where increased demand is met by increased capacity in our expansion program. The result is rapid growth with increasing profitability. In particular, we see the Other markets segment developing positively according to plan.”

“Work also continues to strengthen our service offering and we are pleased to welcome our latest acquisition, German product development company Budelmann to HANZA. The company complements our existing development department and creates a strong central resource for all our customers.”

“We see a great need for HANZA’s business model, which also increases with the global trend towards local and complete manufacturing. HANZA’s order backlog today is at an all-time-high.”