Silva Group

Silva Group - increased production with less resources

Our mission

The outdoor company Silva manufactures and sells compasses and headlamps for outdoor sports. When Silva wanted to streamline production and maintain profitability, a collaboration with HANZA was initiated.


„It feels very good to have HANZA as a partner! HANZA has guided us through the manufacturing process because it is not our core competence. Our new strategy is to focus on developing new products and opening new customer markets.“

Richard Jägrud, CEO of Silva


Silva previously had its own factory in Shenzhen, China, where the company manufactured its products. It was this activity that HANZA was commissioned to evaluate. Could Silva reduce its product costs by outsourcing production to an external party?

Initiated the collaboration through a MIG analysis

HANZA began the collaboration through a so-called MIG analysis, which clarified the possibilities for reduced capital tied up, reduced costs and increased flexibility. Silva then chose to let HANZA take over all production, which was transferred to HANZA’s factory cluster in Suzhou, China.


„With the help of HANZA, we can now produce more resource efficiently, with minimized waste and few transports. It also provides a production that lives up to high sustainability requirements.“

Richard Jägrud, CEO of Silva

Silva group

  • CEO Richard Jägrud
  • Established 1933
  • Revenue 125 MSEK