Thermia AB – pioneering developer and producer of heat pumps

Thermia was founded in 1923, by Per Anderson, an inventor and pioneer for energy efficient solutions. The company still lives by their founders’ original vision: “The products one releases must not only be the best of their time, but before their time, over time”

More than a quarter of Europe’s CO2 emissions come from heating, lighting and running appliances in our homes. 80% of this is attributed to our space heating and hot water alone. Heat pumps harvest renewable energy stored in the ground, air or water and convert it into an environmentally sustainable indoor climate for the building. Because no fossil fuels are burnt, heat pumps are environmentally friendly and help you achieve your emissions targets.

HANZA has a long history together with Thermia AB, a global developer and producer of heat pumps. Over the years, HANZA has assisted with expertise in sheet metal processing, process optimization with a high degree of automation and has also been invited to participate in several development projects. The importance of offering high flexibility, just in time, and efficient logistics solutions is crucial for the collaboration.

Magnus Glavmo, Managing Director Thermia AB says:

“Thermia’s entire existence is based on sustainability, ever since our first product was created nearly 100 years ago. It is at the heart of everything we do, from the products we launch, to how we manage our waste in the factory and how we carefully choose our subcontractors. We want sustainable products that have been developed and produced in a process and in a company that is imbued with a sustainability mindset.”

“At Thermia we constantly strive for improvements. A crucial factor here is to know our suppliers well, and from years of working together we are confident that HANZA fits our requirements. Knowing that HANZA helps us manufacture our products as environmentally friendly and cost-effective as possible, means that we can focus on improvements and efficiency. Being so close to a supplier also makes it easier to solve any issues should they arise.” 

“Thanks in part to the fact that we have a HANZA sheet metal cabinet, when products reach the end of its working life, it can be recycled up to 92%”



  • Established 1923
  • 300 employees
  • Revenue 160 MEUR