HANZA Mechanics Svanskog

One of Northern Europe's largest facilities within sheet metal processing

Our second factory within sheet metal processing and assembly in Cluster Sweden is situated in Svanskog approx. 40 km from the larger sister company HANZA Mechanics Töcksfors. We offer processing of small, large, and advanced articles with a high degree of automation and flexibility combined. This makes us competitive in both low and high-volume manufacturing.

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What we do

We handle the products life-cycle

With us you will find bending, punching, laser cutting, sheet metal processing, welding, painting, prototype manufacturing, product

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alterations and design for manufacturing, assembly, and logistics. We adapt quickly to changing customer needs, which is an incredible strength when deliveries require fast solutions.


Well considered flows at HANZA

Our machine park for sheet metal consists of approximately 25 different machines across more than 8,000 square meters, including large

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assembly and warehouses adapted for efficient logistics solutions. The factory’s well-thought-out flow chart reflects HANZA’s green and lean thinking, where our efficiency leads to environmental benefits.


HANZA always invests in the latest technology

We process in most materials: cold rolled, hot rolled, copper, aluminum, stainless steel surface treated and other alloys. Thicknesses is

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mainly 0,7-8 mm but up to 20mm in total. We invest annually in new machines and update our machine park with the latest technology to meet our customers’ wishes and increased requirements.


We have deep machine knowledge

Due to today’s tough competition, every second can play a big role in the cost of a product. We help you with ideas for product adaptations

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for the automation and industrialization process, on both new and existing products, so that no unnecessary costs are built into the production.

State-of-the-art machines with different advantages for optimized production

Punching and laser cutting

We have specific punching and laser machines, as well as combined punching and laser machines and punching and angle shears machines. All with automation equipment for unmanned driving.


We offer both robotic automatic processes and manual bending in edge pressing and panel bending. All depending on customer-specific conditions and series.

Coating and surface treatment

Our conveyor-based painting line is flexible and adapted for quick color changes with minimal set-up time. Cleanliness is of utmost importance as the products have very high finish requirements. We paint articles with a length of up to 3,000 mm and a height of up to 1,300 mm. We also collaborate with many leading suppliers to offer additional surface treatments.

Welding - TIG and MIG

Today we have three robot cells for welding: one fully automatic for spot welding and two semi-automatic with turntables, where one can handle both TIG and MIG welding on the same product.

Design and adaptation

As technology is constantly evolving, changes in the designs of existing articles can be crucial to maintain competitiveness. We keep your products up to date with today’s machinery and efficient processes.


We offer complete as well as partially assembled products where HANZA is responsible for testing, configuration and optimization of the entire product flow. The majority of the components are manufactured in our own factories and the remaining parts are sourced-in. Here, our customers benefit greatly from our global supplier network, constantly benchmarked by our sourcing department.


We have extensive experience of handling the entire supply chain, including warehousing, with deliveries directly to our customers’ customers and markets.


We help you with the development of prototypes and to facilitate a transition to series production. Prototypes are configured for immediate volume production. We also offer simulations before prototype production, guaranteeing that the details are viable.

Our passion for sheet metal is evident in everything we do

In Svanskog, Sweden, together with our sister company in Töcksfors, you will find one of Northern Europe’s most automated sheet metal factories with the most modern machinery. As one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of sheet metal details, we love the challenge of helping our customers find new solutions to old problems.

Modern technology completely automated

Our highly automated machine park for sheet metal in Svanskog is in the top tier of modern technology, which enables many processes to be carried out completely unmanned. The machine park is well equipped, and we can run all processes in combination with each other, to reduce set-up times and costs.

Flexibility and high degree of automation

In our state-of-the-art machine park, we have a high degree of automation, flexibility and processing of small, large and advanced sheet metal articles. This makes us very competitive in both low and high volume manufacturing and we work with customers in most industries.


The right certifications for production are crucial

All HANZA factories hold a variety of certifications adapted to the business and technology in which they operate. The certificates complement our ambitious protocols for reduced environmental impact, data security, work environment and product quality.

ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • ISO 45001


HANZA Mechanics Svanskog

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+46 105 509 000

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Svaneholms Bruk
SE-662 03 Svanskog

Box 39
SE-670 10 Töcksfors

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Veronica Svensson
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Reine Eriksson
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Jimmy Olsson
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Daniel Olsson
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