Tech Solutions

We make
machines intelligent

Optimal solutions for our customers

Whether they are fully automatic coffee machines or access controls, box lifters or special boats: We are looking for optimal solutions for our customers. You can rely on us when standard electronics reach their limits. Whether costs, performance or space are the problem: If it gets really complicated and creative solutions become necessary, we are in our element. We are an interdisciplinary team and thanks to our sophisticated project management, we can work very fast and at the same time react flexibly to changing requirements.

Asiantuntijoiden johtamaa kehitystä asiantuntijoille

HANZAn tuotekehitys ja -suunnittelu tapahtuu omalla R&D-osastollamme, Tech Solutions, joka voi ylpeillä laajalla kokemuksella innovatiivisten ratkaisujen kehittämisestä lopputuotteiksi sekä kansallisille että monikansallisille yrityksille. Asiakkaita toimii monissa eri markkinasegmenteissä, kuten koneenrakennusalalla, lääketieteellisen tekniikan alalla, energiasektorilla, kaivannaisalalla ja monilla muilla. Käyttämällä palvelujamme jo varhain asiakkaamme saa lisäarvoa kustannussäästöistä sekä nopeasta ja varmasta prosessista, jossa prototyyppi saadaan markkinoille.



We develop customized electronic solutions for our customers according to their needs, from compact microcontroller-assemblies to complex industrial PCs. We have gathered experiences from many man-years of development that we use to the advantage of our customers.



We are specialized in embedded systems. From embedded software for microcontrollers to user interfaces and apps, we have developed a wide range of expertise. But we don’t leave it at that. Anyone who wants to exploit the potential of the internet of things knows that machines and devices must communicate reliably with each other.



Our customers often have innovative product ideas but need some technical help to realize them. Therefore, a project with us usually starts with a workshop at the customer’s in order to develop a specification that enables a technically and economically sensible implementation of the product idea.

New and better ways
of solving problems

A particular success factor in our work is that we enter into a close dialogue with our customers from the very beginning. Only in this way can we fully understand the processes that are supposed to be optimized by our electronics and software. That is why we often find completely new and better ways of solving problems than those originally envisaged.
However, a successful new development does not stop with electronics and software. Mechanical and design aspects also deserve attention. This is the reason we also give our customers advice on optimal casing and appropriate additional components.

Get everything from a single source

To ensure that an assembly not only meets the highest functional requirements but can also be produced cost-effectively and in high quality, we take these aspects into account during the development phase. As part of the HANZA Group, we are taking over the production for our customers under the motto “All you need is one”. We are also happy to carry out any certifications and write documentation for you. So you get everything from a single source.

We do not just develop electronics – we make machines intelligent!

Development Projects

Over the years we have realized many interesting projects for our customers. Our electronics and embedded systems are used in many applications and products, most of the time invisible to the end customer. Read more about what can be achieved with HANZA as your software partner.