RVM Systems

Through the collaboration with HANZA, we can focus on product development

When HANZA takes care of manufacturing, RVM Systems can focus on its core business: product and market development.

Our mission

The Norwegian recycling company RVM Systems develops, manufactures, installs and maintains ATMs for both the neighborhood store and the supermarket. In order to streamline production, RVM Systems moved all of its production from its own assembly plant in Finland to HANZA’s manufacturing cluster in Estonia in 2016.


“We have developed a tailored and quality-assured manufacturing solution with significantly higher flexibility and at a significantly lower cost. With HANZA as a partner, we are well prepared and can handle new markets that are in the process of establishing deposit systems.”

Niklas Engström, CEO of RVM Systems


In-depth analysis of the entire production chain

On behalf of RVM Systems, HANZA carried out an in-depth analysis of the entire production chain. It showed that there were great efficiency gains to be made by placing all manufacturing and assembly in one place. RVM Systems then chose to locate the entire production at HANZA.

RVM Systems

  • CEO Niklas Engström
  • Established 2001
  • Products in more than 40 countries globally