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Swedish manufacturing company expands globally

Publiceringsdatum: 2018-09-06

This autumn, the Swedish manufacturing company HANZA celebrates ten years. Following a successful development phase, the company is now aiming for global expansion.

– Product companies should be able to go to a manufacturer that offers more than one component of a product and that is innovative and comes with solutions that reduce costs and environmental impact, says Erik Stenfors.

The idea behind HANZA is to make life easier for those who want to manufacture products while saving both money, transport and the environment. HANZA has built a one-stop-shop so that product owners do not have to engage a variety of suppliers scattered across the globe. The build-up of the business has been done by combining different manufacturing technologies in clusters, which can be strategically located, close to both clients and end their end markets.

- We want to create profitability for our customers, which also creates long-term profitability for HANZA. What I am most proud of - and which is not always visible - is how we constantly managed to improve the different parts of HANZA, while developing the Group, "says Erik Stenfors.

In early 2018, HANZA left the development phase and entered an expansion phase, focusing on new geographical customer areas and greater sales volumes in existing manufacturing clusters. For HANZA, the road to the future is clearly established:

- Thanks to the different skills of our employees, we have managed to achieve an unprecedented breadth. The goal is to take that model further into the world. The dream is that HANZA supports all product owners globally, says Erik Stenfors.

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For more information please contact: 
Erik Stenfors, CEO, Phone: 46 8 624 62 00, email:

Thomas Lindström, Senior Vice President, Head of Business Solutions, Phone: 46 702 98 39 39, email:


About HANZA:

HANZA modernizes and streamlines the manufacturing industry. We create shorter lead time with more environmentally friendly processes and increase profitability for clients by bringing together different manufacturing technologies locally. Founded in 2008, HANZA today has an annual revenue of more than one million SEK and operates in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic and China. Among HANZA’s clients are leading companies like ABB, Perkin Elmer, Atlas Copco and Kone. For more information visit 

The shares in HANZA are listed on Nasdaq First North Premier and the companies Certified Adviser is Erik Penser Bank AB (publ), phone no + 46 8 463 83 00 




HANZA is a fast growing industrial business partner within manufacturing. The company offers a unique combination of advisory services and tailormade manufacturing solutions that increases growth and profitability for its customers. HANZA was founded in 2008 and has grown into a billion SEK company. The Company currently operates in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic and China. Among HANZA’s clients there are leading industrial companies such as Kone, Konecranes, Atlas Copco, ABB and Saab Defense.


Thomas Lindström

Senior Vice President
Head of Business Solutions
+46 702983939



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