Nomination committee

Nomination Committee

The 2018 annual general meeting resolved that the company shall have a nomination committee.

The Nomination Committee's task is to submit proposals on the below topics to the next-coming Annual General Meeting:

  1. a) election of chairman of the meeting
  2. b) determination of the number of board members
  3. c) determination of fees and other remuneration to the board, divided between the Chairman and other board members
  4. d) determination of fees to auditors,
  5. e) election of board members and Chairman, as well as Vice Chairman of the board
  6. f) election of auditors; and
  7. g) proposal for principles for the Nomination Committee's composition and work ahead of the 2020 Annual General Meeting.

    The proposals are presented at the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

    The Nomination Committee is to be comprised of four members (including the Chairman of the board). On behalf of the shareholders' meeting, the Nomination Committee is appointed by means of the Chairman of the board who contacts the three largest shareholder by voting power on the last banking day in August, and request such shareholders to appoint a representative whom, together with the Chairman, forms the Nomination Committee until a new Nomination Committee has been appointed by authorization from the next Annual General Meeting. If any of the three largest shareholders does not wish to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee, the fourth largest shareholder shall be contacted and so on until the Nomination Committee consists of four members (including the Chairman of the board).

    The Nomination Committee's proposal and composition is announced through a press release. Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee may do so through e-mail (, with the heading "HANZA's Nomination Committee", or by regular mail to: HANZA Holding AB, Att: Nomination Committee, Brovägen 5, 182 76 Stocksund, no later than 1 April 2019.

    On 26 October 2018, it was announced that the below shareholder representatives are members of the Nomination Committee ahead of the 2019 Annual General Meeting:

    Per Holmberg, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, appointed by Francesco Franzé
    Gerald Engström, own holdings
    Massimo Franzé, own holdings
    Mikael Smedeby, Chairman of the board


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