RVM Systems

”Through collaborating with HANZA we can focus on product development”

When HANZA takes care of manufacturing, RVM Systems can focus on their core business: product and market development.

Norwegian recycling company RVM Systems develop, manufacture, install and maintain recycling machines for both small grocery stores and large retailers. To make production more effective, RVM Systems moved their whole manufacturing in 2016, from their own factory in Finland to HANZA’s manufacturing cluster in Estonia.

– We have developed a tailor-made and quality assured manufacturing solution with substantially more flexibility to a lower cost. With HANZA as a partner we are well prepared and can handle new markets that are on the verge of introducing recycling systems, says Gudmund Larsen, CEO at RVM Systems.

HANZA helped RVM Systems with an in-depth analysis of the whole manufacturing chain. The analysis showed that there were great gains to be made in terms of efficiency by moving the manufacturing and assembly to one location. RVM Systems then chose to locate the full production with HANZA.

– By collaborating with HANZA we can focus on product development. Apart from achieving large cost savings we get a better delivery capacity and less tied-up capital. The engineers in the R&D department can also work closer together with the production to design even more cost efficiently, says Gudmund Larsen, CEO at RVM Systems.

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