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HANZA ensures that more innovations are realised, and lead times shortened. This gives our customers more competitiveness and increased profitability. HANZA is a long-term partner, who together with our customers, create modern and effective manufacturing solutions.

Business advisory services

Our focus is always to increase efficiency. That is why we offer advisory services where we analyse possibilities and challenges in the current manufacturing process. We want to help you reach a more cost efficient and sustainable manufacturing process supporting your business.

Our advisory services (MIG™) are developed especially for the product owners of high-tech products, and result in concrete measures that help optimise the manufacturing process. Thanks to our broad industrial capacity we can implement the measures through manufacturing solutions within our productions sites if the product owner wishes.

MIG customer case


Simplifying Eco Design

Eco design is an increasingly important term to be aware of for product owners. Both the manufacturing process and the product components need to be environmentally sustainable. HANZA help product owners choose components that are both environmentally sustainable and cost efficient.

Our service, MCS, makes the process of choosing components that follow current regulations faster and more cost efficient. MCS is a digital tool listing all current regulations and available components that you have access to. It ensures that delivered products fulfil strict environmental regulations for instance within the EU and the US. We update our registry daily in order for you as product owner, to have access to the most up to date regulations and knowledge about available market products.


Manufacturing solutions

At HANZA we bring together manufacturing technologies locally, and can therefore minimise costs, shorten lead times and make processes more environmentally friendly.


We help many clients within the following areas:

• Sheet and heavy mechanics

• Machining

• PCB assembly

• Cable harnesses

• System integration and box build

• Turbine technologies

Sheet and heavy mechanics

HANZA has several production sites working on for instance cutting, bending, stamping, welding, as well as powder coating. We have high flexibility and ability to tailor-make processes according to customer needs. We deliver details and systems, for instance for the telecom industry and medical industry, as well as thick metal parts to heavy industry.


Our capacity in machining covers for instance milling, turning, grinding, EDM and surface treatments. Our sites are specialised in different industries such as medicine, offshore, industry and energy. HANZA can help to produce prototypes and small quantities of advanced components, as well as large volume production.

PCB assembly

We have modern production sites for manufacturing of electronic products for products owners in most industrial segments. Our customers are active in for instance energy, medicine, automotive, defence and general industry.

Cable harnesses

HANZA produces tailor-made cables including cutting, crimping and marking, as well as assembly of harnesses based on customer requirements.

System integration and box build

To simplify the operations of our customers, HANZA offers complete manufacturing including mechanics, electronics, cables and assembly. This means that our customers can decrease the number of suppliers, shorten their lead times and lower their production costs.

Our services include final assembly of systems and complete products, testing, delivery to customer stock or drop shipments directly to the final customer.

Turbine technologies

We have extensive experience of complex products like gas turbines and offshore applications, we are a production partner and supply many of the big actors in these markets. HANZA can manage the whole value chain to complete sub-assemblies or components that are installed directly in the turbines. 



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