Interested in making a
difference with us?

Working at HANZA

Are you looking for a fun and challenging job, with many opportunities to get involved, influence and try new and exciting tasks – then HANZA could be for you! HANZA is continuously expanding and we have since our start in 2008 grown more than tenfold in both size and turnover. We strive to become the complete partner to our customers, and our employees play a crucial role in reaching that goal.

Our culture and our values

Our culture is characterized by constant development, engagement and drive. Our ambition is to improve both our operations and our way of working – to modernize and streamline the manufacturing industry. We involve the organization and have jointly identified our values which we work with as our guiding star.

We are focused – to ensure we can deliver what we have promised.
We communicate – the foundation for being able to implement our strategy and achieve our goals.
We are team players – we all work towards the same goal.
We make things easier – we always look for ways to improve and simplify what we do.
We take ownership – through taking responsibility we can develop and grow.

Our competence

HANZA is a knowledge-based manufacturing company where our dedicated and competent employees are our most important asset. We are always looking for competence within different technologies and technology disciplines (mechanics and heavy mechanics, sheet metal, electronics, cabling, assembly) as well as within leadership, analysis, communication, project management, IT and more.

Our company is characterized by an innovative environment – we think fresh, big and global. We embrace diverse backgrounds and experiences, as different perspectives challenge our way of thinking and contribute to the greatest development. Working this way has led us to become a leading player in our industry and today having operations in 7 countries.

As part of HANZA’s team you will help making innovations a reality. Together we develop smart transport solutions, update materials and design and create more sustainable manufacturing systems. A modern and efficient manufacturing industry is important – not only for us and our customers – but also for our environment and our community.

Who we are looking for

Since continuous improvement is important to us, we are looking for people who are interested in the next step, and how they can contribute to HANZA taking that step. We believe that a person who wants to be part of a strong team and at the same time develop on a personal level, will enjoy working at HANZA.

If you are interested in supporting and developing an organization and elevate our production and technical solutions as well as management to the next level- please take a look at our open positions or contact us directly.

Under Contact us you will find contact details to HR in all of our clusters/countries. Follow us on social media, LinkedIn/Facebook and stay updated on what we are looking for.

Our aim is for all employees to feel that they can grow – this is what makes HANZA grow.