Sustainable manufacturing solutions

The less you transport components around the world, the lower your carbon footprint.
Sourcing more of your manufacturing locally is a climate-smart approach.

Shaping a better world

Our planet is reaching a tipping point on climate change. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but one thing is true: We are deeply committed to manufacturing high-quality products more efficiently with less environmental impact. It requires a systematic approach that is beneficial to people and their local communities, the planet and society at large. In this area, the HANZA offering gives you a number of key advantages:

  1. LOCAL IS SMARTER – Our nearby local manufacturing clusters, often in rural locations away from cities, mean less transport, lower CO2 pollution – and more local jobs.
  2. ECO COMPLIANCE – Our online “Eco” MCS selection tool helps you plan sustainable design from the workbench through the entire product life cycle, avoiding trouble spots like “conflict minerals.”
  3. MEETING STANDARDS – In addition to local standards, most of our factories are quality certified according to ISO-9001 and environmentally certified according to ISO-14001.
  4. SAFETY FIRST– As part of our EHS policy, our safety and health policies place a top priority on promoting the health and operational safety of our employees.

Future focus: Always improving

To meet high environmental standards and maintain quality for our customers and society at large, our environmental and quality goals are an integral part of the way we work. For many years, we have been continuously evaluated by third parties to ensure that we work properly and develop our processes. Continuous development of policies, procedures, process efficiency, operational performance and monitoring are ongoing.

Ultimately, the sum of our systematic environmental and quality work is greater than the individual parts, leading to higher sustainability over time.