Product design & engineering

Turn your ideas into winning products.
Great ideas grow business. Our in-house team of designers, engineers and manufacturing experts take your best innovations from concept to finished, ready-for-manufacturing product.

Bring your ideas to market faster

Need a new prototype – yesterday? Is your PCB-layout designer too busy to help? Or maybe this is not your core competency at all. Whether you are an inventor, entrepreneur or large company, our design and engineering team can help you plan, set goals, develop and scale up quickly. This way, you can allocate resources in a more efficient way.

It feels like HANZA is an extended arm of our own product design team.

Textile manufacturer, Czech Republic

Flexible, multidisciplinary team

Every company has different needs and approaches. That is why we bring together a flexible, multi-disciplinary team that thinks in an integrated way from the start. We know what it takes to guide a product through from working prototype to full-scale manufacturing. From ideation, prototyping and engineering to streamlined manufacturing and to after-market services and full life-cycle management, we strive to bring your ideas to life.

Areas of expertise include: