Manufacturing technologies

Many technologies, one reliable source.
Imagine having a diverse, ultra-modern manufacturing park right in your backyard – with everything from hardware to software capabilities.

A technology solution for every need

Think smart. Think local. Our manufacturing clusters bring together state-of-the-art machinery and technologies for a wide range of needs. The aim is always to minimize costs, shorten lead times and lower environmental impact, primarily by boosting efficiency and reducing shipping requirements. A high degree of automation and flexibility make us competitive for both low and high-volume requirements.

We currently have manufacturing clusters in Sweden, Finland, the Baltics, Germany, Central Europe (Czech Republic, Poland) and China.

By combining metalworking, electronics and automation know-how, we can build an entire control cabinet and more – at one local site.

Willibald Berger – Cluster President, Germany

Sheet and heavy mechanics

Take advantage of our production sites specializing in areas such as cutting, bending, stamping, welding and powder coating. Customers often tell us they appreciate our high flexibility and ability to tailor-make processes to meet their needs. For instance, we deliver details and systems for the telecom industry and medical industry, as well as thick metal parts to heavy industry.


Our machining capabilities cover areas such as milling, turning, grinding, EDM and surface treatments. Our sites are specialized in different industries such as medicine, offshore, general industry and energy. HANZA can help to produce prototypes and small quantities of advanced components, as well as large-volume production.

PCB assembly

The continued trend towards miniaturization of electronic components, complex chip and printed circuit board (PCB) geometries and automation requires us to constantly invest in state-of-the-art technologies for the benefit of our customers. Our top modern production sites have an extensive track record in manufacturing of electronic products for products owners in most industrial segments, including energy, medicine, automotive, defence and general industry.

Cable harnesses

We produce tailor-made cables including cutting, crimping and marking, as well as assembly of harnesses based on customer requirements.

“More than just technology, our people bring a depth of experience that makes a difference for customers”.

Petra Duprez – Senior Vice President Head of Human Resources

System integration and
box build

To simplify the operations of our customers, HANZA offers complete manufacturing including mechanics, electronics, cables and assembly. This means that our customers can decrease the number of suppliers, shorten their lead-times and lower their production costs. Our services include final assembly of systems and complete products, testing, delivery to customer stock or drop shipments directly to the final customer.

Turbine technologies

We have extensive experience of complex products such as gas turbines and offshore applications and serve as production partner and supplier to many of the big actors in these markets. For many, we manage the entire value chain, from design to delivery of complete sub-assemblies or components that are installed directly in the turbines.