Lifecycle support

Thinking today and tomorrow – all at once

From original idea to maturity and phase out, our contract manufacturing services support you at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Maximizing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Whether you require support in manufacturing an all-new product or sustaining efficient production of a mature one, it’s important to consider the entire product lifecycle. For maximum efficiency, no phase should be considered in isolation. That is why we strive to take a fully integrated and holistic view – from product development and testing to launch, and all the way to service and support, including repair, upgrades, spare parts and more.

Our product lifecycle services cover three phases:

  1. Early development and launch – Concept design, making specifications, design, validation, testing and tool design, manufacture and build.
  2. Product maturity and support – Maintaining the product with service and spare parts, supporting with engineering changes and accommodating new design requirements.
  3. Phase-out and recycling – Advising and/or supporting with recycling and next-generation product development.