HANZA works towards making sure more innovative products are brought to market, and that the manufacturing processes for these are as efficient, profitable and sustainable as possible. For the long-term sustainability of the manufacturing industry, product owners and manufacturers need to create solutions together, taking into account future environmental, social and economic challenges.

HANZA has an advisory role, which enables a collaboration with the customers where solutions are tailor-made and focused on the long-term. The result is a manufacturing process that is strategically designed from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

Our work on sustainability is an integrated part of both the business idea and our operating activities. Sustainability is part of our way of working and encompasses the whole value chain through taking responsibility for our own production sites, and through helping our customers to ensure we create more sustainable processes.

We are now taking the next step in our work with sustainability, by continuously measuring and following up our work through an annual sustainability report which in turn means we can contribute to a more rational and effective manufacturing industry.