Our values

We are motivated by delivering world-class strategic manufacturing solutions. Therefore, our business is characterized by the following traits

We are focused

By focusing on our main priorities and following our strategy we make sure to deliver what we have promised and we dare to say no. We are persistent and work with frequent updates to visualize progress and to make sure we follow through – always with a focus on improving efficiency and reduce cost. Being focused means being consistent and persistent!

We always communicate

We work proactively in our dialogue and everyone is involved – customers, employees, owners and other stakeholders. We communicate on a frequent basis and have a structured communication plan – both proactive and ad hoc if necessary. We are prepared to communicate in different channels – the importance is the message. We are open and transparent in our communication.

We are team players

Good teamwork leads to great business and we work as one team. We involve each other and give feedback as well as are prepared to receive feedback. We are curious, we listen to each other, we involve and respond. We show respect and trust our colleagues good intentions. We solve differences with a constructive dialogue. We share information and experience and support each other when needed. We work in the same direction.

We make things easier

All our customers have one dedicated HANZA contact for communication. We understand what’s creating value for our customers. We continuously monitor our processes and adjust them when necessary to increase efficiency and profit. We have an open mind, we dare to change but never jeopardize with quality.

We take ownership

Ownership is a crucial part in covering all of our responsibilities and commitments. Ownership covers support to our colleagues and good relations with our suppliers. Ownership means we make sure we understand the expectations of each stakeholder and that deliveries matches expectations. We keep promises and give clear feedback if issues arise. Ownership means clarifying detailed expectations.We are forgiving and people are given the opportunity to make their own decisions even if the results are sometimes wrong. That is how we learn and develop.