In sheet metal area, we have several manufacturing sites with processes like cutting, bending, stamping, welding and powder coating. We have a high flexibility and ability to move products back and forth from low-cost regions depending on customer requirements. We deliver metal parts and assemblies to telecom and medical customers as well as thick metal parts to heavy industry.

Our capabilities within machining covers milling, turning, grinding, EMD and other processes including surface treatment. We have sites with different areas of expertise in customer industries, for instance medical, off-shore, industrial and telecom. Our activities range from prototyping and low volume of extremely complex parts up to high volume production.

We have modern production sites for manufacturing of electronic products for customers in most industrial segments like telecom, medical, automotive, industrial and defence. We are active in the full lifecycle of the customer products with a mix of proximity units with geographical closeness to customer R&D as well as industrial plants in Best Cost Countries.

Our manufacturing sites specializing in cable harnesses have capabilities to handle a wide range of processes including cutting, crimping and marking, as well as assembly of harnesses based on customer requirements. We differ through our fast communication ways and commitment to always exceed our customers' expectations.

To simplify operations for our customers we offer Complete Manufacturing Services™ including mechanics, electronics, cables and box build assemblies. This means that our customers can reduce their amount of suppliers and have a higher granularity of the products they source from suppliers. By making group prioritizations, we can always ensure on-time deliveries with highest possible quality.

We do box build assemblies for companies in many different industry segments like telecom, defence, industry, automotive and medical. Specially assigned production areas are developed at our manufacturing units to streamline production according to customer requirements. Our customers care about the landed cost of a product, not only the price of the BOM. This is why the logistics part is essential from a cost and environmental standpoint.

Our services around Box build consists of:

  • Final assembly of modules and complete systems
  • Testing
  • Delivery to customer stock
  • Drop shipments to end customer

We have a long experience of work to rigorous and demanding industries such as gas turbines and offshore applications. Our unit in Årjang is tailored for the production of components in the hot gas path such as turbine blades, vanes and heat shields. We are today a complete partner to many of the major players in these markets. Through all the various technologies we manage the entire value chain to complete sub-assemblies or components ready to be installed directly into the turbines. With the network of our other manufacturing units, we can also help our partners in other areas ranging from electronics and wiring to screws, bolts and sheet metal parts.



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