Board of Directors

Mikael Smedeby
Chairman of the board since 2016
Board member since 2009

Born: 1968
Education: Law degree, Uppsala University
Other assignments: Lawyer, partner and CEO of law firm Lindahl. Chairman of Coeli AB and Coeli Holding AB and Fastum AB. Board Member of BioArctic Neuroscience AB, Motion Display Scandinavia AB, Sallén Elektriska AB, Temagruppen Sverige AB and Uppsala Innovation Centre AB.
Shareholding: 25 000 shares

Håkan Halén
Board member since 2015

Born: 1954
Education: MBA
Other assignments: CEO Halén Invest AB. Has previously worked as VP and CFO Hexagon AB, Chairman of Galleria Car Care Stockholm AB.
Shareholding: 1 136 517 shares and represents PH Intressenters 
6 671 964 shares

Francesco Franzé
Vice Chairman since 2016
Board member since 2015

Born: 1964
Education: Master of Engineering, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan.
Other assignments: SVP at Husqvarna Group, Chairman of The Barbecue Company AB and Panarea AB, Board member of Leakomatic OY. Has 20 years of international experience of executive positions in the Electrolux Group.
Shareholding: 2 120 000 shares and represents PH Intressenters
6 671 964 shares

Gerald Engström
Board Member since 2017

Born: 1948
Upper secondary school qualification in Engineering, Business studies at Stockholm University
Other assignments:
Chief Executive Officer and President of Systemair AB and CEO of Ziehl-ebm AB etc.
1 750 000 shares and Färna Invest 1 780 000 shares.

Helene Richmond
Board Member since 2017

Born: 1960
M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering.
Other assignments:
Sales and Marketing Director, Cooper Roller Bearings Co. Ltd, a company in the SKF Group.
30 000 shares

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